What is the CardioPad?

The CardioPad, is a touch screen medical tablet that enables heart examinations such as the electrocardiogram (ECG). The examinations can be performed on patients in remote locations (e.g. villages that don’t have cardiologists). The results of the test are sent wirelessly (over GSM network) to specialists who can interpret them.

Who is the inventor?

Arthur Zang, a 24 year-old Cameroonian engineer, has invented the Cardiopad, while he was still a student.

What is the problem solved by the CardioPad?

Cameroon is a Central African country with more than 20 million people. The problem is that patients with heart diseases have to travel long distances to consult with doctors, indeed there is only 30 heart surgeons in the country (located in Yaoundé and Douala)! Unfortunately some of them die in the process of waiting for their appointment. The CardioPad spares African patients living in rural areas the inconvenience of having to travel to urban centers to perform medical examinations.

What are the next steps?

Arthur, via his company Himore Medical, intend to sell the CardioPad for 1500 euros, while the current price for an electrocardiograph device is 3800 euros. If enough hospitals buy his product, they can lower the prices of medical examinations! He already produced the first units of the device which are available for hospitals since July 2012 and is currently looking for venture capital to commercially produce the device.

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