What is the PWCS?

It is a revolutionary telecoms system that allows poorer countries to save a century of development of wired telephone network, and to the North to find a fresh technological wind. The PCWS (Polyvalent Wireless Communication Systems) can be presented as a wireless general communication (Internet, phone, TV, radio) system. It is already presented as an alternative to optic fibers.

Who is the inventor?

Dr. Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou (from Togo) is a veterinarian by training and graduated from the Moscow Academy and the Ecole Supérieure of Maisons-Alfort in France. He already holds four patents in the medical field, in addition to his last patent in the field of telecommunications. He runs the company Ka-Technologies.

What is the problem solved by the PWCS?

It allows local calls (within the coverage area of ​​an antenna) potentially free, and, for example, France-Togo communications cost of 0,10 € per minute. Currently, the cheapest solutions to call Togo from France cost about 0,30 € per minute. These technologies are based on VoIP.

We can already see the acceleration of business opportunities in Africa thanks to mobile phones. So imagine when we’ll have triple play offers (internet, television and telephone like the Freebox in France) through PWCS.

What are the next steps?

Dr. Victor Agbegnenou has already presented its invention in 2008 to a group of people in France.

He needs funding to take his project to the next level, in fact things have been slow down in Africa. After six years of fighting in Africa to deploy the solution, he returned to France to implement the PWCS because he has not been supported for several reasons:

– Because of the unbelief of African governments facing an African invention

– And also because governements have already signed contracts with Western manufacturers.

How to support this project?

Simply share this article up! Indeed it is our duty as Africans to support this kind of innovation that can radically help elevate the continent economically (with all the social, technological, cultural benefits, etc.)..

Link investors with this inventor. In fact, the patent was published in April 2003. After 20 years, the invention enters the public domain and may be used freely by anyone, anywhere. 10 years have passed since the filing…

Buy and use the PWCS. If you want to open a training center, school etc. and you need access to the Internet, contact the company to implement the solution of Dr. Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou: NEOSYSCOM France 60 Allée des Champs-Elysées – 91080 COURCOURONNES Tel. : 00 331 43 63 29 41 – Fax: 00 331 60 78 59 96 http://www.neosyscom.com.

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