The National Academy of Sciences and Techniques of Senegal (ANSTS) announces an “exchange meeting” on Thursday, at 3 pm, at the Novotel Hotel, as a prelude to the launch of a database which, created on its initiative, lists scientists from the diaspora in various fields.
In a statement, ANSTS recalls its commitment in 2018 to create a “database of scientists from the diaspora” in areas such as agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities, applied basic sciences and sciences of science. health, “in accordance with its 2018-2022 strategic plan”.
This database “should help to develop a strategy for using Senegalese skills residing abroad in Senegal’s economic, social and cultural development efforts in terms of training, research, expertise, consultancy or initiatives aimed at enhancing the value of research results, “the statement said.
In this context, before the launch of this database “tentatively named”, the National Academy of Science and Technology organizes this “exchange meeting”, on the theme: “Mobilization of Senegalese scientists residing at the for the economic, social and cultural development of Senegal “.

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