At Maya, we produce sauces, condiments and culinary aids made from vegetables and spices of local agriculture. We are addressing the niche market of active people who do not have enough time to cook but are concerned about where they eat.

My name is Nabu, I'm 30, I am married and mother of a little boy of 18 months. When I returned to Mali in 2015 after leaving nearly 10 years in Europe, I refused to eat imported fruit and vegetable because I was seing vegetables rotting in Bamako markets. So, with my cook, Maya, we decided to take up the challenge of eating locally by making sauces, aromatic marinades and salad dressings that we used in our everyday cooking.

That's how Maya was born with the main objective of promoting local products and offering healthy and innovative cooking aids to active women like me to help them save time in cooking.

Maya is therefore the symbol of the generosity of the new African woman, curious and open to the world, who does not hesitate to go and take inspiration from the gastronomy of elsewhere and to dare new forms of more responsible consumption.

Our values ​​are sharing, creativity and quality. Our vision is a new way of cooking for the modern African woman.


Belgium, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal
Food & Beverages
January 2017


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