Installed in a large club chair, Mikaila leaves no doubt about her age: her feet do not touch the ground. But despite her young age, the girl is used to interviews. It must be said that its “Me and the Bess” lemonades, created in 2009, are now sold in six states of the United States, and are distributed by one of the leaders in the distribution of organic products. “I was 4 and a half (editor’s note: she insists on ‘and a half’) when it all really started,” says the young entrepreneur. The good idea, she found it after being stung twice by bees: scared at first, Mikaila looked seriously into the subject and then discovered that they were disappearing from the surface of the earth. Eureka! She then developed a honey-based drink, inspired by her grandmother’s recipes. And decides that part of the sales will be donated to Foundations that protect pollinators.

Jokes with Barack Obama

More than an entrepreneur, the young Texan now embodies the American dream. She often spreads this message: by working a lot, you can go very far. It has also become an emblem in a country where entrepreneurship is highly valued, and even declined in reality shows. Last year, Mikaila participated in one of them, “Shark Tank,” and raised $ 60,000 from an investor.

His notoriety allowed him to meet President Obama… three times! On June 14, she was simply appointed to introduce her speech at the United States Women’s Summit, an event in favor of gender equality organized by the White House. “This is my favorite time! There weren’t any cameras anywhere, and he asked me how I was, instead of just shaking my hand, posing for the picture, and going to see someone else. It was funny ! You have to watch this video where Mikaila, very at ease, speaks in front of… five thousand guests. Obama climbs onto the stage, takes her in his arms, and launches, joking as always, “I’ll be out in seven months, I hope she hires!” ”


“Me and the Bees” is a family business. Mikaila is the boss, she decides; but his family – his father, mother, little brother or aunt – are extremely present at his side. According to their LinkedIn profiles, his two parents have taken turns in giving up their initial professional activity to invest in it full time. At the moment, the young girl is still going to school. ” My favorite subjects ? English, digital art, computers. She doesn’t really have time to be bored and admits that it is “a little difficult” sometimes. “At school I am a child like any other, but it also happens to me to be surrounded by security guards to go to an event or to find me in Cape Town like today… The life of an entrepreneur and everyday life are two very different things, ”she notes.

If she had a magic wand, Mikaila would build mechanical wings so human beings could fly wherever they wanted. “I will go to London, where I have only been for one day. Uh no ! I’ll go to a beach in South Carolina instead, it’s super cool in the summer. While waiting for that to be possible, she envisioned other plans for when she grows up: “To become president of a company, or president of the United States. We can apply from what age already? She asks, wriggling in the chair. She will leave by giving this advice to women who want to start a business: “Dream like a child, because children do not see obstacles, barriers are invisible to them. The truth sometimes comes out of the mouths of children… entrepreneurs!

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