Ludovic Biyong is a young Cameroonian who is the pride of Cameroon, computer engineer trained in France, his love for algorithms makes him an engineer who stands out. A hard-working, everyday worker, he proves that Africa still has a chance to catch up with the rest of the world. Artificial intelligence has no secrets for him, but also entrepreneurship. Ludovic Biyong is the founder of the PA2M QUANTUM start-up and the Cameroon news site

Introduce yourself and your background (briefly)

I am Ludovic Biyong, computer engineer trained in France. I am the founder of the PA2M QUANTUM start-up and the Cameroon news site


How did you get the idea to start your business?

In 2013, I created two companies, PA2M Quantum and a general information website about Cameroon, 100% run by robots. Promoting artificial intelligence in Cameroon and Africa is one of my primary goals. Determined, I believe in the potential of Africa, that’s why since October 2017, I decided to return permanently to settle in Cameroon.


What is your project and its mission? Do you have a video presentation?

The objective of this collaborative project is to meet the needs of households and households and recycling units, in almost all waste sectors (packaging, household waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment …).
Our technologies will contribute to achieving the ambitious goals of recycling, which are part of national public policies.

The R & D phase completed since 2017, and the deployment of the platform has already begun.

We want to change a reality by finding digital solutions to solve our community problems
We want to be a pioneer of a new era of innovation leaving Africa to the world
home service industry redesigned in a mobile world centered
our technology connects customers with our national network of independent carriers.
By leveraging technology, we can give small carriers a chance of success.

In exchange for a monthly membership fee of 1500 CFA residents of a neighborhood will be able to benefit from a garbage disposal service. We donate the funds to Pik’ERS 100FCA by bin collected and recycled.
Once garbage collected we will be able to draw algorihtmic models of data and make the prediction on the health risks because we will be able to know what one consumes the inhabitants. We enter your home by the trash.

Can you introduce your team?

We are 2 project managers and project designer
Junior Paul Bamela Engo (Operations Project Manager)
Ludovic Biyong (Project Manager technical part)

What is the problem solved by PICKUP?

Solidarity is a strong dynamic that characterizes our communities and neighborhoods!
The PICKUP smart platform has been inspired by this dynamic, because it allows us to combine our efforts for the collection and recycling of household waste but also for water supply in households.
Indeed PICKUP is an already operational community platform based on AI and machine learning linking households and people willing to perform small jobs. For a fee, these households will benefit from the collection and recycling of their garbage or water supply.
The two types of workers on our platform, workers and households, are geolocated. Workers connected to the platform can receive in real time on their smartphone an alert concerning the task to be performed and the location of the household concerned.
The monthly subscription per household is 1500F and the mode of subscription and the mode of payment of the rendered services are digitalized.
Thanks to its dynamic PICKUP offers not only jobs or income supplements, but especially in a spirit of solidarity this platform comes to help us solve the problem of garbage collection and recycling.
With PICKUP it is hand in hand that we clean up our neighborhoods to fight against the insalubrity and proliferation of diseases such as malaria!
With PICKUP it is hand in hand that we generate jobs!

What are the next steps ?
Deploy to all cities and the whole country, starting with the deployment in all the districts of Yaoundé

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?
As you can wherever possible

What are the contacts of the startup? Website, email, Portable / WhatsApp, links to social networks
+237 661 022 816

About The Author

CEO AfrikaTech

Comme beaucoup de personnes j’ai connu l’Afrique à travers des stéréotypes : l’Afrique est pauvre, il y a la guerre, famine… Je suis devenu entrepreneur pour briser ces clichés et participer à la construction du continent. J’ai lancé plusieurs entreprises dont Kareea (Formation et développement web), Tutorys (Plate-forme de e-learning), AfrikanFunding (Plate-forme de crowdfunding). Après un échec sur ma startup Tutorys, à cause d’une mauvaise exécution Business, un manque de réseau, pas de mentor, je suis parti 6 mois en immersion dans l’écosystème Tech au Sénégal. J’ai rencontré de nombreux entrepreneurs passionnés, talentueux et déterminés. A mon retour sur Paris je décide de raconter leur histoire en créant le média AfrikaTech. L'objectif est de soutenir les entrepreneurs qui se battent quotidiennement en Afrique en leur offrant la visibilité, les connaissances, le réseautage et les capitaux nécessaires pour réussir. L'Afrique de demain se construit aujourd'hui ensemble. Rejoignez-nous ! LinkedIn:

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