Lemon Way launches subsidiary in Africa to open 40 million mobile bank accounts

Boubacar Diallo

The start-up specializing in new payment methods Lemon Way has just announced the upcoming launch of a subsidiary dedicated to Africa in order to accelerate its development on the continent.

Called Lemon Way Africa, this subsidiary will be located in Dakar and managed by Stéphane Drai, an innovative payments specialist in Africa who participated in the launch and development of Libcard Solution Africa, a company created in 2011 and currently one of the main players in solutions. prepaid on the mainland.

Lemon Way Africa has already set itself the goal of opening 40 million mobile accounts in Africa. “Lemon Way Africa will bank tens of millions of Africans with its mobile account application and will thus help to increase the rate of banking which currently stands at 11%,” said Sébastien Burlet, President and founder of Lemon Way , cited by the GoodMorningCrowdfunding portal.

The aim will be to provide individuals and local businesses with mobile accounts associated with payment cards, in order to meet the need for secure means of payment for consumers who are still underbanked and the growth of e-commerce on the market. continent as well as increasing remittances with simple and economical solutions.

Lemon Way already offers mobile payments, deposits, transfers and withdrawals of money between Mali and 28 countries of the European Union.

Source: agenceecofin

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