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Africa is known for its immense natural resources: 97% of world copper reserves, 80% of those of coltan, 57% of gold, 23% of uranium and phosphate, 60% of those However, one rarely quotes his greatest wealth: his youth and his thirst to start a business. In fact, young people under 25 represent more than 50% of the continent’s 1.3 billion inhabitants.

With the arrival of information and communication technologies (mobile, Internet, social networks) and success stories of young entrepreneurs, we are witnessing a new revolution, that of entrepreneurship.

AfrikaTech tries to gather all information and initiatives to undertake in Africa, Europe and North America. Advice on entrepreneurship, business ideas, search for financing, franchise development, legal aspects, where to find incubators, spaces for co-workings. To enable entrepreneurs to seize business opportunities in all areas: Agriculture, Health, Education, Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Telecom, Transport, Tourism. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.

Concours: Code moi dans 10 jours

Contest: Code me in 10 days

During the Code moi Contest in 10 days It is known that each time coders meet these problems they decode. In this, the Co-design startup has a firm conviction. It plans to bring together for ten days GEEKS from...
Pourquoi industrialiser l'Afrique ?

Why industrialize Africa?

The argument justifying the Why industrialize Africa? or a country? This practice constitutes the most effective lever of development allowing the populations, and this, wherever they are, to get out of precari...
L’entrepreneuriat au Cameroun

Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

In the 1980s, Cameroon was one of the most prosperous countries on the African continent. Today it presents a weakened economy since two major events which have destabilized the country. It is about the fluctua...

Entrepreneurship in Benin

In Benin, the dream of every parent was to see their child go to school and join the public service. Today the situation has changed, the pride of Beninese is entrepreneurship. One of the development strategies...
Mobile money en Afrique

Mobile banking in Africa

Already in 2011, 68% of adults in Kenya are already using their mobile phones to pay bills, send or receive money. Today, the telecommunications sector is ranked among the top ten sectors in Africa. Mobile bank...

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