Energy is a major issue for Africa. Whether on green energy and renewable energy: solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wind, etc. Africa needs to reinvent itself to become energetically independent and potentially innovative in these sectors.

Many projects exist in different African countries and are funded. Afrikatech’s mission is to highlight these projects, and to inform you about issues related to the energy sector in Africa.

Between topics, articles and interview, you will find in this category all the elements to keep you informed about Energy in Africa.

Every day, we will introduce startups, entrepreneurs, innovators in the African energy sector. AfrikaTech’s mission is to rebrand the image of an innovative and challenging Africa. This sector is one of the cornerstones of this innovation and one of the nerve centers of the challenges facing our continent. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.

methanisation process

The methanisation process

With the collaboration of Dr Jean Marc Ndombo For the methanisation process, According to the World Bank, 69 % of waste in Sub-Saharan Africa is dumped, and often burnt, openly. Furthermore an estimate of 24...

The waste treatment process

With the collaboration of Dr Jean Marc Ndombo There are several options for treating municipal solid waste (MSW), including recycling, composting and anaerobic digestion, incineration and landfilling. Fi...

Biofuel: Kenya values croton nuts

While the biofuel industry is still in its infancy on the African continent, Eco Fuels Kenya has taken a lead in this area. The start-up has focused on the croton nut, the fruit of a tree that grows in large qu...