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100% natural Madlyn Cazalis
Faced with the poor supply of local products adapted to black and mixed skin and the proliferation of depigmenting products, Madlyn Cazalis 100% natural has developed a range of natural care products with the aim of satisfying not only this specific clientele but also all those looking for pure, fresh and authentic natural African products.


A 100% natural Madlyn Cazalis international team is working today to offer you quality products and services. Our goal is to combine health, beauty and style, this is why we will gradually be able to offer you care products (face, body, hair, etc.), beauty products (creams, scrubs etc.), accessories and a set of personalized care services.

The care products are natural (based on plants, fruits and other riches which abound in African soil). They are also tested to standards by health professionals to guarantee the quality of your skin. Today, Madlyn Cazalis is more than 300 distributors, 25 references, more than 50 international distinctions, customers in more than 15 countries on 3 continents, more than a hundred publications (Forbes, CNBC, The Guardian, Africa 24 , CEO Magazine, Afique Magazine, Inspire Afrika…) and above all thousands of satisfied women and men.

Madlyn Cazalis has already advised more than 100,000 African women while fiercely fighting against voluntary depigmentation of the skin, which has very harmful effects on health. We are happy to welcome you to the new world of responsible organic organic cosmetics. ”

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