Two students put online a 100% Togolese video game

Boubacar Diallo

Since last December, the first video game made in Togo has been available on the web. Known as “the boy in savannah”, this game aims to promote African values ​​and landscapes.

This code is for the Togolese video game, “the boy in savannah”. Designed by Gérard limpiyè Pana, programming student and Pio Jules Tchédou, architecture student, it is the first and only 100% Togolese video game.

Report by Kayi Lawson, correspondent for Lomé for VOA Afrique (3:38)
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“The boy in savannah” or “the boy in the savannah” in French, is a game that falls into the category of runners.

“The Boy in Savannah” is ignored by the Togolese. The few who have heard of it can be counted at your fingertips.

Eight months after the release of the first edition, the second version is announced. “The boy in savannah advance edition” should be successful, according to Gérard limpiyè Pana, the game’s co-developer.

Released online in December 2015, only about 500 people have downloaded the game. This lack of enthusiasm does not dull the determination of these young people.

Beyond its fun aspect, the video game “the boy in savannah” wants to promote not only the flora and fauna of Africa, but also its culture.

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