Kenya is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. This performance is driven by the development of technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyan youth. In the panoply of businesses that is created each year in the country, one also finds there set up by women entrepreneurs. Here is the portrait of 5 Kenyan women who have succeeded in embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure.

1. Tabitha Karanja

SheIsTheCode – Kenyan entrepreneur – Tabita karanja
Tabita karanja (credit image: Capital FM)
Tabitha Karanja is the general manager of KerocheBreweries Breweries, she paved the way for many other women in entrepreneurs in Kenya where women are traditionally rare on boards, and even rarer among large start-ups It started in 1997 with fortified wines destined for the low end market, but the company was unable to keep prices low due to alcohol taxes in 2007. In 2008, it fate new brand of beer which be well received by the people. Tabitha has managed to overcome challenges and be a pioneer in an industry dominated by international brands and has never given up, even if sometimes her situation seemed hopeless.

2. Julie Gichuru

SheIsTheCode – Kenyan Entrepreneur – Julie Gichuru
Julie Gichuru (Credit image: KenyanTrepLady)
Julie Gichuru is a popular journalist in Kenya; it is also known for its entrepreneurial activities. She owns two well-known Kenyan businesses, Mimi, an e-commerce site specializing in the sale of fashion items, and Arimus Media Ltd, a media production company. She has contributed greatly to reconciliation in Kenya by producing far-reaching and influential programs that directly tackle the problems facing Kenyans while offering solutions. However, it was not all rosy, because she also launched a failed business project, but that did not stop her from starting other businesses. Julie is also an inspiration for women entrepreneurs in Kenya because she not only seeks to make money, but also seeks to change people’s lives for the better.

3. Gina Din Kariuki

Gina Din is a businesswoman in East Africa, specializing in strategic communication and public relations. She is the founder and president of Gina Din, a major strategic communications agency in East Africa. She has over 30 years of experience in developing communication strategies for multinationals, as well as in crisis management and event planning. She started her business in 1997 with only her savings and struggled for many months when she sometimes had zero to five clients. However, she continued her entrepreneurial journey which earned her the success she knows today. . In 2013, she was named by New African magazine as one of the 100 most influential Africans in business.

4. Eva Muraya

SheIsTheCode – Kenyan Entrepreneur – Eva Muraya
Eva Muraya (Credit image: KenyanTrepLady)
Eva Muraya is the CEO and founder of Brand Strategy and Design Limited. She is also co-founder of ColorCreations Group Ltd, the first advertising and branding agency to have ISO 9001: 2001 Certification in East and Central Africa. Eva quit her job as Regional Sales and Marketing Director at FedX to co-found her first business. She presents herself as a source of motivation because she constantly challenges herself. She could have decided to climb all the levels of this business, however, she chose to fight to create an amazing company. Eva is also the President of the Kenyan Association of Women Business Owners. She is one of the women entrepreneurs passionate about women’s economic empowerment, youth mentorship, and advocacy and fundraising initiatives for children with special needs. (

5. Lorna Rutto

SheIsTheCode – Kenyan Entrepreneur – Lorna Rutto
Lorna Rutto (Credit Image: Duchess International Magazine)
Lorna Rutto is one of Kenya’s most successful young women entrepreneurs. In 2009, she founded EcoPost Ltd, a company specializing in the recycling of plastic waste. His company is responsible for collecting plastic waste from landfills and trash cans across Nairobi to make fence posts. The Lorna company plays an important role in protecting the environment. In addition to its ecological reach, EcoPost also has a strong social impact by allowing the bag collector in landfills to have income.

If you are a young woman who wants to take the leap into entrepreneurship, but still have doubts, I hope the example of these Kenyans will help you get started today. Believe in yourself, stay strong through all challenges and always think positive. Be innovative and always think of a better way to solve your problems. Most important ; work hard, work smart, never give up on yourself and keep the faith.


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