Aged 19 and a sociology student at the University of Ghana, Gabriel Opare has built a new Mudclo search engine capable of competing with Google and Youtube.
Thanks to the search engine Mudclo, the young student intends to do better than YouTube “. A free service for videos, Mudclo aims to search and transmit videos from different places on the Internet while being in one place.

“I believe my business is good enough and can grow globally. YouTube is a video hosting website, while Mudclo combines the power of YouTube and two other video hosting sites, ”said Gabriel.

Mudclo’s most popular searches include commercials, music videos, and amateur content. The student admits to being inspired by other Ghanaians, motivated and eager to start businesses at a young age in a continent where opportunities are limited and unemployment is high.
Mudclo has already gained the attention of several large global companies, including more established video hosting sites although there is still work to be done to improve the functionality and interface it offers to users.

“All entrepreneurs feel that there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with creating a product or service that will indeed be important to the world,” said the young man.



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