Founded by Nati Gossaye, Langbot is a startup that aims to facilitate the learning of languages through the use of bots, these little robots, or more precisely interface that facilitates dialogue and various forms of conversation between a service and a consumer.

Introduce yourself and your journey

My name is Nati(Nathnael) and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Langbot. I was a Google Student Ambassador for my university & graduated with a BSc. in Computer Science about 4 years ago. Since then I’ve been working at various tech companies as a lead developer gaining experience working on large mobile & web projects.
What is your project and its mission? Do you have a video presentation?
LangBot is a gamified language teaching chatbot. Its currently available on Facebook Messenger and teaches French!

How did you get the idea to start your business?
I was building Telegram chatbots for fun when Facebook announced their Messenger Bot Challenge for the Middle East & Africa. I was also using apps to help me learn French at the time and not progressing well enough and i had the realization that a chatbot that emulates a personal tutor would be perfect for teaching languages so I excitedly started working on LangBot. I submitted it to the competition and we finally won $20,000 out of a 1000 submissions.
Can you introduce your team?
My co-founder Remi has a Master’s in Linguistics and his several years of experience teaching languages all over the world has led him to develop various methodologies for language acquisition. And I mainly work on the development side of things.

What is the problem solved by Langbot?
Despite all the solutions out there learning a language is still very hard.

What are the next steps ?
We’ve recently partnered with the biggest French school in Ethiopia, Alliance Ethio-Francaise, and have been running successful user tests with their students & Alliance Francaise has over a thousand campuses around the world.

What do you need and how can Seedstars / AfrikaTech help you?
We’re looking to raise a seed round to speed things up so the opportunities seedstars have setup for us are awesome.

What are the contacts of the startup? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?
WhatsApp: +251913183582

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