The latest edition of the study conducted by consultancy group Havas Horizons on Financing Africa’s Growth revealed an increased appetite for investment for the continent. Indeed, out of a panel of 55 of the largest financial and banking institutions (senior analysts, CFOs, Africa directors, group presidents), present in Africa, around 63% maintain their willingness to hold their interests.

If, by 2022, in Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Senegal, abroad, economic industry and tourism, the report also reveals the five sectors the most promising.

Investors have identified the sectors considered to be the most promising.

Thus, energy and agriculture are the central axes of priorities for the future. The African energy sector would arouse all tastes. 73% of investors and optimistic about its strong growth potential.

Agriculture, which receives nearly 65% ​​of the vote, is the second choice of investors, benefiting from a real resourcing of interest, unlike the 2016 study (7%). Although several challenges remain, the transition of the agricultural model on family farms which provide 60% of jobs in Africa, the environment of climatic uncertainties and food security, constituting real opportunities for investors.

Then, financial services and Mass Distribution, which have experienced strong growth in recent years, come in 3rd and 4th position. These two sectors are organized by the growth of a middle class of consumers willing to consume more. 59% of stakeholders believe the financial services sector is Africa’s future. New innovative technologies aimed at facilitating fund transfers (transfers and reception) will drive the growth of African economies.

These sectors, coupled with that of Transport and Logistics, meet the needs. Contributing to the structuring of markets and laying the foundations for a new consumer society in which Africans meet African needs, they will help consolidate the independence of African economies vis-à-vis imports and external markets.

Finally, despite its enormous growth potential, the African health sector is attracting fewer investors, according to the survey.

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