Togo: a young Togolese entrepreneur wants to mobilize 124 million FCFA to industrialize his production of kinkéliba tea

Boubacar Diallo

The young Togolese entrepreneur Komi Dovi Koudou (photo), manager of the start-up NATUTHE KINKELIBA aims to move on to the industrial phase of its production. It expects, in this perspective, a sum of 124 million FCFA to be mobilized.

In an interview with Togo First, the one who is crowned best 2019 senior entrepreneur in Togo, announces in the same vein his intention to expand his field of kinkéliba. The ambition is to increase the area by 2 to 20 hectares by 2025 to support industrial production.

Ultimately, with the funds that should be raised, the idea is to acquire rapid production equipment and reduce the costs of producing kinkeliba tea. “We are currently using funding to acquire rapid production equipment and lower production costs in order to make kinkeliba tea accessible to all social strata,” he said.

For one who says he declined an American offer with the scent of redemption from his company, “Africans should promote kinkeliba tea in order to create jobs and wealth”.

At the same time, the young Togolese entrepreneur expresses the wish that the partnerships born during the Togo-EU Economic Forum, between him and investors, will lead to the opening of credit lines for his benefit.

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