The global coalition, “Alliance for Affordable Internet,” released its 2017 World Internet Accessibility Report. It shows that Africa, despite a slight improvement, still has the most difficult internet access conditions in the world. Out of the 58 countries covered by the study report, there are only 28 African nations, among which ten stand out with a higher or intermediate level of Internet accessibility.

This level of accessibility is not assessed by the price of Internet access, but by the ICT infrastructure deployed as well as the policy framework in place to encourage its expansion, and the current rate of broadband adoption. as well as the policy framework in place to enable equitable access. As always, Mauritius retains its title of African nation best prepared in ICT and Internet. The country is the one with the best Internet accessibility on the continent.

In Africa, after Mauritius, follow Morocco then Nigeria. Botswana is 4th. The country has improved and simplified the multi-service licensing regime while ensuring the neutrality of technologies and services. He also launched public Wi-Fi. As a result of these actions, the nation has moved from 23rd place in the 2016 Alliance for Affordable Internet ranking to 15th place today. Wi-Fi was adopted to circumvent the geographic problems encountered by the deployment of optical fiber and facilitate the connection of populations. In fact, in several African countries, optical fiber, which should improve the connectivity of populations, is being deployed. It still hardly covers the whole country and access to the already active sections remains limited for a very large part of the population.

After Botwsana, follow Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana and Benin. The latter also improved its telecoms environment and went from 38th place in the world in 2016 to 29th in 2017. Kenya ranks 10th. According to the Alliance for Affordable Internet, Internet policy measures must no longer just be kept on paper, they must be implemented.

Ranking of African countries where Internet is more affordable:

1- Mauritius (8th place in the world)

2- Morocco (11th)

3- Nigeria (13th)

4- Botswana (15th)

5- Ivory Coast (18th)

6- Rwanda (21st)

7- South Africa (22nd)

8- Ghana (26th)

9- Benin (29th)

10- Kenya (30th)

11- Namibia (31st)

12- Uganda (32nd)

13- Tunisia (34th)

14- Egypt (36th)

15- Zambia (37th)

16- Gambia (38th)

17- Tanzania (39)

18- Mali (44th)

19- Mozambique (45th)

20- Senegal (47th)

21- Zimbabwe (50th)

22- Malawi (51st)

23- Cameroon (52nd)

24- Sudan (53rd)

25- Burkina Faso (54th)

26- Ethiopia (55th)

27- Sierra Leone (56th)

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