Organized by the NGO iNERDE (New Education for Radical Development), the N’tomo Innovation Academy is a training camp that brought together 80 young children to train them hard in science, techniques and technologies. of this 3rd edition “What are you going to transform? “, Which was held at the Cité des Enfants consisted of initiating them in the fields of science, namely robotics, solar energy, pollution, computers, wind power, solar cars etc. for about 2 months.

“The objective is to unleash the innovation capacities of African youth, create development and impact on the continent through the promotion of a new innovative and fun education in science and technology. ”

At the end of the training, the children presented their achievements: Robots, smart cars, solar ovens and objects that generally affect the environment. The initiative of the organizer iNERDE (New Education for Radical Development), made up of Malians from the Diaspora, is to be welcomed.

iNERDE, a social enterprise, which works to make education more accessible to African youth. Over the past two years iNERDE has trained nearly 200 students in Mali and Senegal.


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