The 11th edition of the Forum for Scientific Research and Technological Innovations (FRSIT), held from November 19 to 26, 2016 was a real showcase for the discovery of the talents of inventors, researchers and innovators.

By his ingenuity, Kushiator Newlove Kwaku Issa known as Providence director of the Office of Research and Technology Transfer (BRTT) to enrich Burkina Faso has to his credit several inventions, the most fascinating of which is an automated weaving machine that works with energy. solar.

According to its inventor, the Machine can weave at least 30 loincloths per day.

Other inventions to his credit include solar tricolor lights, solar cookers and rain machines for irrigation.

Beyond these relevant inventions, the Forum made it possible to discover real innovations in the agricultural, livestock, energy and agro-food fields

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