Gabon Telecom announces 4G +, a prelude to 5G

Boubacar Diallo

On November 18, 2015, during a press conference organized as part of the celebration of the first anniversary of its 4G, the general manager of Gabon Telecom, announced the company’s transition to high speed. Abderrahim Koumaa (photo) announced the launch of 4G +, a prelude to 5G with a speed three times higher than 4G. According to his explanations, through this action, “Gabon Telecom shows that it values ​​its position as market leader, all segments combined.”

With a speed of up to 233Mbps, allowing “a richer download experience”, underlines Abderrahim Koumaa, this innovation reflects the recognition that the historic operator “has towards its subscribers for their loyalty”. Indeed, the telecom company says “improve their experience on its network to make them understand that they have not made the wrong choice”.

However, it must be recognized that this improvement in the customer experience does not benefit everyone. According to the telecom market analysis report published on June 30, 2015 by the Agency for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts (Arcep), the country’s 3G / 4G coverage remains weak. Consequently, the quality of service is also poor.

To this concern of the telecoms regulator, Abderrahim Koumaa, promised a continued deployment of 4G across the country. “At launch, the 3G / 4G offer concerned only seven localities. Today, this internet service covers 21 localities, main and secondary cities in the nine provinces. The network of localities is currently continuing, with a view to serving the maximum number of inhabitants on the national territory “, he declared, thus promising an improvement in the quality of service.

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