A young Nigerien inventor has developed an industrial fume purification device.

The first prototype of the device, called APFI Barelec (Industrial Smoke Purification Device), was presented in Niamey by its inventor, Abdou Barmini, a senior technician in electrical engineering.

He designed it on his own, after two years of research, mainly based on his knowledge of electricity and chemistry.

The device attaches to the opening of a chimney outlet, from where it collects the harmful smoke, transports it in its internal circuit, before removing heavy substances.

The resulting air is 80% free of impurities and then released into the atmosphere.

For Abdou Barmini, “Niger is certainly not a big polluter, but it shares the atmosphere with several big polluters and AFPI Barelec is a solution to the many challenges posed by climate change. ”

Garba Boubacar, a doctoral student in atmospheric and climate physics at the University of Niamey, told SciDev.Net that “airborne particles are not just carbon dioxide; there are others that his invention will have to fix, in order to achieve a 100% purification rate. ”

And that is why, he adds, this prototype needs to be perfected.

Already, the inventor has taken steps to obtain a patent from the National Agency for Industrial Property and the Promotion of Innovation (AN2PI) and the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) .

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