Iroko launches service to produce, distribute and market audiovisual works by young African talents

Boubacar Diallo

(Agence Ecofin) – The Nigerian company Iroko, specialized in video on demand (VoD) on the Internet, announces the launch of the IrokoX service, intended for the promotion of works by young African artists. The goal is to achieve an essential platform where creators from the continent will come to produce content, distribute it and market it. There is also a monetization option.

IrokoX will provide a range of services: content production, promotion, programming, brand sponsorship campaigns or even content distribution more generally. IrokoX CEO Oluchi Enuha said there are opportunities to seize in the rapidly changing social networks and VoD market in Africa. The objective is therefore to “capture and direct them”.

Oluchi Enuha adds that the IrokoX service meets an acute need. “Africa is brimming with creative talent, much of which is stifled by lack of access to production facilities, or a misunderstanding of how to monetize content. With IrokoX’s great expertise in these areas, we are ideally positioned to support and develop thousands of amazing creators of African content, “he said.

The Iroko company is thus in full expansion. In January 2016, it concluded a contract with the French Canal +, for an amount of $ 19 million, intended for the development of content. With this investment, Canal + joined the management committee of the Nigerian company which is thriving. In 2015, it paid $ 550,000 to its content providers for generating 5.5 billion minutes of viewing and more than 1.5 billion views. These results have been made possible thanks to distribution agreements with platforms such as Vimeo, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Google Play.

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