Ivory Coast: consumers of telecoms and ICT services learn about their rights and obligations

Boubacar Diallo

Associations of consumers of communications services began Tuesday in the Ivorian political capital, a two-day training workshop, on their rights and obligations in order to better defend their rights with operators and providers of telecommunications / ICT services.

Organized by the Telecommunications / ICT regulatory authority of Côte d’Ivoire (ARTCI), the workshop with the theme “rights and obligations of consumers of Telecommunications / ICT services” and is part of the training policy of the structure initiated since 2011.

The workshop is the first training session to take place in the interior of the country after that organized in Abidjan. It brings together more than a hundred participants, representatives of telecommunications / ICT operators and consumer associations, and aims to bring the populations of ARTCI closer together and to publicize its missions as well as the legal and regulatory framework of activities Telecommunications / ICT.

More specifically, this will include popularizing the mechanisms for receiving complaints, reminding consumers of the importance and the obligation to identify SIM cards and users of cybercafes, underline the organizers.

“The Post and Information and Communication Technologies sector, and in particular the ARTCI, intend to take their full part in the march towards the realization of the vision, well shared, of the Head of State”, said at the opening of the workshop the technical advisor to the director general of ARTCI Sylvestre M’Poue.

Faced with this important responsibility entrusted to ARTCI, the regulatory authority has developed tools for taking into account consumer interests, which are at the heart of the concerns of decision-makers with the establishment of a permanent framework for exchanges ( CPE), a forum offered to consumer representatives to discuss questions relating to their rights.

A support@consci@i mail, allowing to dematerialize the relations between the ARTCI and the consumers by privileging the electronic way for the recording of their concerns was also set up, said Sylvestre M’Poue, before d ” announce the imminent creation of a consumer monitoring unit and a telephone number to reinforce contact with ARTCI.

The representative of Bilé Diéméléou (photo), CEO of ARTCI, indicated that in addition to these tools which are already functional, consumers can exercise their right of referral to the Authority “by any other conventional means”, with a view to to defend their interests.

Several reforms have been implemented in recent years in the telecommunications / ICT sector with major innovations affecting all stakeholders, including the state, operators and consumers. Three new entities are in charge of governance of the interests of each of the parties. These are ARTCI, the Telecommunications / ICT Regulatory Authority of Côte d’Ivoire, the Ivorian Frequency Management Agency (AIGF) and the National Agency for Universal Telecommunications Service / ICT (ANSUT) .

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