By organizing its gala dinner on Monday at the Sofitel hotel Ivoire, the Kalou Foundation had set itself the main objective of reaching the 100 million CFA mark both in material donations and in hard cash. The Kalou brothers were not disappointed.

Four jerseys from Didier Drogba, Eto’s Fils Samuel, Yaya Touré and Yao Kouassi Gervais dit Gervinho sold at auction respectively at 4.2 million cfa, 3.2 million, 2 million and 1 million. A pair of Salomon Kalou sums paid by Drogba at 7.5 million. An 11 million-pound art piece ripped off by the Chelsea striker. The Elephants poster sold to 1 million.

The former captain of the Elephants donates a dialysis machine worth 16,375,000 CFA francs. And against all odds, Tigui Camara, a businesswoman of Guinean origin and living in the United States, pulls out all the stops. I’m donating medical supplies, a container of medical and electric beds worth $ 300,000. “ The jackpot!

Eric Didia says “Roro”, the host of auction time never ends superlatives towards him. The evening of the gala dinner therefore amounts to 195 million 275 thousand CFA francs.

A more than satisfactory result for the Kalou Foundation whose objective was to reach or pass the 100 million cfa mark. And yet, this glamorous evening where men of spectacle, of business, sports leaders, footballers rubbed shoulders in a hyper hushed setting around a dinner at the height of the organizers, started quietly.

The first president of the Foundation, Constance Kalou, gives the first notes of this evening through a brief but fluid speech. “I am pleased to meet you at this gala organized for a good cause. The self-help caravan is launched, it is only up to us to join it, “she said in a calm that characterizes her.

Sensitive that no one has the right to live happily alone, she and her two “spouses” are already in the caravan. And when you know how Salomon Kalou, in his childhood, fought against the frontanelle, you can easily understand why the Herta Berlin striker wets the jersey to save lives.

In a tribute to his parents, Salomon Kalou makes a pathetic revelation. “When I was a baby, I suffered from frontanelle. Everyone said I couldn’t live. But my mother fought, crossing all the villages of Oumé so that I could recover my health. I pay tribute to him… ”.

From the intervention of Dr. Cissoko, boss of the Samu, it appears that kidney failure is growing exponentially or even worryingly. And that sanitary equipment remains blocked at the port.

Consequently, a patient must wait for the death of another before having a place in a dialysis center. Hence the need for this gala dinner to raise more funds to help these patients, despite their meager means, are forced, for some to leave Guiglo to come and seek treatment in Yamoussoukro.

Because of two sessions per week. We understand the relief of the Kalou Foundation officials.

The word of the Elephants

Didier Drogba: “I will help the Foundation”

I am proud of what Salomon Kalou and his family do, this Foundation that deals with kidney failure. We are lucky to be where we are. This kind of action is the best way to give back to the people what they have given us. The Kalou Foundation has objectives to achieve, we will help it.

Touré Kolo: “A noble initiative”

This gala is like the Kalou brothers, especially Bonaventure, who was able to show the way for his younger brother. It’s a noble initiative, an example to follow. My brother and I are Muslims, we do charity without talking about it. I look after an orphanage. We are thinking of something like that.

Gervinho: “A good cause”

It’s a good cause. We are glad that the Kalou brothers are doing it. They also allowed Ivorians to come together around this good cause. We are proud of them.

Bony Wilfried: “Important to help the poor”

It’s a great charity. It is important to help the most disadvantaged. I can only encourage the Kalou Foundation. And hope it grows and moves forward. I wish them luck.

Max Gradel: “It’s a strong message”

It’s a very beautiful work. This is proof that Salomon Kalou is a man with a big heart. It sends a strong message to all those who can afford to save lives.

Akpa Akpro: “Long way to the Foundation”

When I see what Salomon Kalou achieves with his Foundation, I understand better what the man in the selection is. He’s a very well-educated boy. We want it to go a long way with its structure.

Akpa Akpro: “Long way to the Foundation”

It is very good to help these children who have no family and those with kidney disease. It’s great. May God give them the chance and the strength to continue.

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