Launch of tests on the “first African supersonic drone” made in Algeria

Boubacar Diallo

The Algerian press agency (APS) again announces the launch of trials for the “first African supersonic drone” manufactured in Algeria. The finalization and tests will be launched in early October in Tafraoui (south of the city of Oran), announced the Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hafidh Aourag .

“The prototype is finalized. In early October, we will launch the tests in Tafraoui “in the province of Oran, he said in an interview with the APS.

The APS adds that this operation has been materialized through the pooling of skills and know-how of Algerian, local and expatriate researchers.

“We must pay tribute to these Algerians, one worked for the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the other for the European Airbus, who made this project a success. In addition, they have trained an Algerian workforce to ensure the succession, “he said. APS did not specify the name of either.

The Institute of Aeronautics of the University of Blida was chosen in this capacity to host the site of establishment of the production platform. Initially, the project was to be carried out within the framework of scientific cooperation with South Africa. But, “for strategic reasons and confidentiality the project was led by 100% Algerian skills,” said Professor Aourag.

This supersonic drone, he continued, is distinguished by “a wide angle of coverage of the areas” and by “the equipment on board and which will provide information on its behavior in service”.

“This is a new technology. These drones are not only surveillance devices, but they will also allow the collection of information, “added the Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development.

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