Neva, a powerful source of energy for operating theaters in Africa

Boubacar Diallo

Louise Jaiyeola Oduyoye, a 21-year-old Nigerian student, recently created Neva, a mobile medical battery that will provide uninterrupted power to hospital operating rooms.

With its lithium-ion batteries of 60 charge cycles, Neva has enough power to power the machines during surgical procedures. It drastically reduces the risks associated with power outages. The device is quite similar to an uninterruptible power supply inverter but is more dynamic in that it is suitable for long operations or those requiring a lot of energy.

“The device will facilitate operations in the country, which is good when you know that patients are traveling just for fear of power failure,” says Jaiyeola adding that it is mainly designed for developing countries whose hospitals continue to suffer from the vagaries of a failed power supply.


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