Nigeria: Official inauguration of the TGV in West Africa

Boubacar Diallo

Nigeria has just given a boost to its development with the official inauguration of TVG on Tuesday, July 26, 2016, a big first in West Africa. The very first high-speed train links Abuja, the capital, to the city of Kaduna in the north-west of the country. Initiated under the mandate of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, this ambitious project, which is estimated to cost $ 849 million, was funded by a Chinese banking institution.

Nigerians in the era of high-speed rail

Rail traffic in Nigeria has just received a breath of fresh air with the entry into service of the country’s first high-speed train. Nigerian news on Thursday, July 26 is dominated by an exceptional technological event, the official inauguration of TVG in Abuja. The first high-speed train line in West Africa will link the Nigerian capital to the northwestern city of Kaduna for now. Nearly five after the initiation of this project, the 1st economic power on the African continent begins its transition to faster trains. Driving at a maximum speed of 150km / h, the construction cost is estimated at $ 849 million, funding that the Nigerian state has obtained from a Chinese bank.

A low-caost TGV in Nigeria

Beyond the speed that sets them apart from others, high-speed trains are known to be a little more expensive to access. But the Nigerian authorities have decided to make this marvel of technology that has revolutionized travel on railway lines more accessible to everyone. To travel in first class on TVG in Nigeria, you will have to pay around 2 euros, while the cost of the second class ticket is around 1.50 euros. The goal is to allow as many Nigerians as possible to link long distances without spending too much.

After the official inauguration, it’s time for an indoor deployment

This great first in West Africa will be available to travelers wishing to link the Abuja-Kaduna axis for the time being. But Nigerian authorities plan to expand TGV access to other cities in the country: “This is great and this is just the beginning. Of course you know the history of the train in Nigeria. This is one of the president’s priority projects. And the project will link Kaduna to Kano and then Lagos and the coastal city of Calabar, “said John Oyegun, president of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the political party of the current Nigerian head of state.


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