The Nigerian Mariama Mamane, founder of the company JACIGREEN, was invited to participate in Paris in the Week of young international scientific talents organized by the City of Science and Industry and the Palace of Discovery, from January 29 to 3 February 2017.

Forty-two young scientists from twenty-six countries were invited to Paris for this Week of Young International Scientific Talents, which takes place at the two Universcience sites – the Cité des sciences et de l’Industrie and the Palace of discovery. This event represents a unique opportunity for these young scientists to meet other young talents from all over the world. The winners will also meet professionals in mediation, journalism and the design of scientific exhibitions. The exchanges will combine theory and practice. They will also take part in a discovery day of L’Oréal laboratories followed by discussions, organized by the L’Oréal Foundation, on the representation of young women’s engagement in scientific careers around the world. They will also be invited to present their scientific project in three minutes and to have an exchange with Universcience professionals. In addition, they will benefit from an extensive program of cultural visits.

For Niger, it is therefore Mariama Mamane who participates in the event: founder of JACIGREEN, she works on the transformation of water hyacinth into a source of electrical energy and, in 2016, she has already received the prize ‘ ‘favorite’ from the jury on the occasion of the African Rethink Award held in Paris.

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Family photo with all participants from 26 countries

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