This Zambian managed to convert vegetable oil into fuel

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CANALFRANCE.INFO AFRICA – Used mainly for cooking, vegetable oil is exploited worldwide. But Zambian entrepreneur Mutoba Ngoma has imagined another way to use vegetable oil: transforming this fatty substance into fuel. In 2006, he reflected on solutions that could end the fuel shortage in Africa, particularly in Zambia. These reflections have been beneficial to Zambian Mutoba Ngoma since this thought gave birth to a fuel company that converts vegetable oil into fuel. In an interview with CNN, the entrepreneur explained how the idea came to him: “I had just finished my aeronautical engineering studies in the United Kingdom. Then I came across a program that highlighted renewable energy in Brazil. At the same time, Zambia would experience a fuel shortage. ”
Ngoma began to harbor revolutionary ambitions: to increase the sustainability of the country’s fuel supply. He then launched Tapera Industrie, a fuel company. When it started, it produced 200 liters of fuel per month before increasing to 3,000 liters. The company now generates approximately $ 15,000.

Mutoba Ngoma is aware of the profitability of her company, but she has not yet fulfilled the challenge she has set herself: to provide ecological fuel to her country.

He then diversified his product range by manufacturing a prototype center for converting vegetable oil into biofuel through an intense heat process which gave the oil’s viscosity a structure similar to that of fossil diesel. This ecological fuel will therefore considerably reduce carbon dioxide.

This Zambian, he managed to convert vegetable oil into fuel. He smiles because he has honored Africa
The Zambian entrepreneur wants the government to further support this project to promote sustainable transport and a green economy. While the fight against global warming is currently occupying international debates, the Zambian entrepreneur is already proposing to Africa a conception of new forms of production. On November 30, 2015, Paris will host the World Climate and Territories summit. Africa, the continent most affected by climate change, will make several proposals to provide development solutions. Read on l-Afrique_a5674.html? preview = 1

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