In your opinion, what do the people who get what they want, who hit the wall and have fun … have in common?


1- They are always busy

This is not a scoop: those who succeed never stop working, whether sooner or later. They don’t hesitate to work 60-hour weeks, very long days …


> Inspiration: whatever your goal – it may just be having Beyoncé’s butt – to succeed, you don’t count your time, you work and you work still, hence the interest in setting goals in … what we love!


2 – They can say NO

It may sound a bit selfish but there is a trait that is often found in those who succeed: they often say “no” to … distractions, which allows them to have a lot of time to accomplish “their stuff”.


> Inspiration: it’s not a question of becoming psycho rigid and not agreeing on anything, but of knowing how to get along, for example not to force yourself to go on weekends with your friends (“Come on, do not make a splash vieeennnnnns”) when you have only one desire: to lock yourself up to finish your sexual memories (or a treatise on culinary philosophy applied to desserts in the South West).


3 – They focus on their strengths

Rather than trying to fill their gaps, they ignore their weaknesses to focus only on their strengths and … improve them further! They thus achieve excellence where they have natural dispositions.


> Inspiration: we stop dispersing, and for that, we favor all the tools that help us to get to know each other better: skills assessment, ask those around us where we are best (see in Biba on newsstands “On tested a “Happylab”), etc.


4 – They build networks

No one arrives at the top of the pyramid alone. It’s mathematical, by networking, you increase your chances of success and opportunities since you multiply your contacts.


> Inspiration: you know, every time you are invited to dinner or something and you balk because “lazy”, go for it anyway! Force yourself to at least go there, even briefly, you never know which (good) meeting will be at the meeting…


5 – They cause luck

Luck is not magic, it is a science. If certain types of personalities are luckier, it is because they maximize the good opportunities. How? ‘Or’ What ?


> Inspiration: by being more OPEN to new ideas, their intuitions, etc. In the United States, a lucky school has even opened its doors! Proof that it works!


6 – They fail but… persevere!

And yes, often what makes the difference is persistence. Failure is not very serious: it is normal, it happens to everyone and even more to those who succeed. It is precisely thanks to their failures that they learn to strengthen themselves!


> The inspiration: we accept it, we try not to reproduce the diagram, to act differently, to ask for help where it got stuck, and we start again!


7 – They find mentors

Not everything can be learned in school or in books! Nothing replaces the experience of someone who has the bottle in the field you are targeting. The idea: that he / she shows you the tricks of the trade (no sportsman succeeds without a coach, the great philosophers had teachers …).


> Inspiration: in life, it’s the same, find people you admire and ask them by email. Ask for advice, follow their routes closely, in short, dare! (and you will receive).



source: bibamagazine

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