Alfred Bessawa and Jabbar Lawani created their design company (Design From Africa) in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. For these two creators “Africa is colors, beauty, joy, music and dance”. According to Alfred, “They realize that this is something bigger than they initially thought. It creates cultural links and connections. It’s original”. Alfred is from Cameroon and Jabbar is from Benin. “They both met at the CCNB-Campus de Dieppe in the logistics and transport program. “

Jabbar explains to Acadie Nouvelle: “We studied in the same class at CCNB-Dieppe. For my part, I was thinking of creating a company and so was he. It turned out that we were thinking the same thing; to the fabrics of Africa, to the beauty of Africa … We wanted to make that known in Canada. One day, we were at his house and we were cooking. I told him about this project and he told me he had the same “,

The original idea of ​​importing clothes from Africa into Greater Moncton for resale eventually turned into a business.

“In the beginning, Alfred received clothes from his mother. His mother made clothes and sent them, “and eventually the business grew and he ended up partnering up with his friend who did the same.

“In many African countries, the size system that North Americans are used to is not being used. The clothes are made to measure. So when they imported shirts or dresses, entrepreneurs couldn’t tell their client whether it was a size “small” or “large”, for example. ”

“In the end, we started to adjust a bit more. It had to be something anyone would be able to wear easily – Canadians, Africans, French and everyone, “Jabbar said.

“So Alfred and Jabbar started to get creative. A logo was born and they let their inspiration flow on shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and more. Today, they apply uniquely African designs to uniquely Canadian pieces of clothing.

Design From Africa is still in its infancy, but the two entrepreneurs are already realizing that their small company can accomplish a much bigger mission. It has the power to bring people and cultures together.

Design From Africa clothes will soon be on sale at the Moncton Market and are also available at festivals in Greater Moncton as well as on the web at ”


Sources: Acadie Nouvelle

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