ACTION M.A.P.L.E: They improve the lives of families in rural Africa

Boubacar Diallo

AfrikaTech present Christelle Wanko, Ariane Kouamou and Cindy Mbayen, these young African women are the co-founders of the non-profit organization “ACTION M.A.P.L.E”. Determined and committed, “ACTION M.A.P.L.E” an organization that cares about the concerns of families and children from villages in rural Africa.

AfrikaTech: Hello ladies, it’s an honor for us to meet you and to interview you!

Cindy Mbayen: Hello to you, I thank you for giving me the platform that is yours to promote our project.

AT: First of all, what does the initial “M.A.P.L.E.” mean? ?

CM: “M.” for mobilization and “A.P.L.E” for “Accompaniment against Poverty and Limitations to Development”

AT: And what is the purpose of your action?

CM: The mission of ACTION MAPLE is to promote sustainable development projects, and also to encourage artisans from the local industry to make large-scale projects that will improve life, health and well-being rural population.

With the goal of improving the standard of living in rural Africa, the non-profit organization ‘Action M.A.P.L.E’ is an organization that cares about the concerns of families, children of villages in rural Africa.

AT: And how do you intend to improve the standard of living in rural Africa while stimulating crafts in rural areas?

CM: Our project is called “WANDA-FOUR”, we have provided much cleaner and more modern furnaces.

Our oven will improve the lives of those families who are exposed to huge quantities of wood-fired fumes in their huts every day and create breathing problems later on, as well as not making it easier for them to live. preparation of daily meals and at major ceremonies.

AT: Where did you get them?

CM: For the moment, we have provided it to Cameroon in several regions (Center, Littoral, West, South and Adamaoua but it was only an experimental project, we would like to provide wherever it could be useful.

AT: What is the contribution of your product, could you tell us what made it successful?

CM: We have designed a quality economical oven that meets the needs of the market. It has the distinction of having a dual function. Women will have the choice to cook with wood or charcoal. It was designed in partnership with Kemit Ecology, a company that produces environmentally friendly coal. We have obtained the COP 22 label.

AT: How is your project different from what is usually proposed?

CM: It’s a women’s project for women. We have ambassadors on the ground to help raise awareness among women. As an African of the diaspora, we wanted to create value to improve the living conditions of families in Africa.

AT: You were able to launch your project with your own funds or you could benefit from some outside help?

CM: Our 2016 pilot project was funded by a crowdfunding campaign. For the next steps, we have submitted applications for funding to complete the development project for 2017.

AT: Our entire team wishes you an excellent continuation and we sincerely hope that your projects will improve, durably and massively, the standard of living of all those concerned.

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