The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the European Union (EU) have expressed their willingness to support the construction of cross-border infrastructure between Chad and Cameroon.

During a joint visit by their experts to the two countries on March 22, the two institutions updated themselves on the progress of two key projects aimed at connecting Ndjamena and Yaoundé. This concerns the development of a railway between Ngaoundéré and Ndjamena and the construction of the border bridge between Yagoua on the Cameroonian side and Bongor on the Chadian side.

The EU has agreed to cofinance, to the tune of CFAF 26.2 billion, the construction of this border bridge, which is expected to cost CFAF 72 billion in total. As for the project to develop a railway line between Ngaoundéré and Ndjamena, the parties agreed to draw up a plan before the start of the feasibility studies during the year.

The railway line to link Chad and Cameroon is part of the Cameroonian Rail Master Plan, the estimated cost of which is estimated at CFAF 15,000 billion.

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