African Diaspora: a new generation at work

Eric Ky

The African diaspora is undergoing profound changes amplified by the digital revolution. In addition to its financial commitment to the continent through significant money transfers, this diaspora of the information age is now developing, thanks to digital tools, qualities that it puts at the service of Africa.

Remittances are constantly increasing in Africa and contribute to the development of the continent’s economies. The figures published on this subject by the World Bank confirm this dynamic. In fact, in 2014 nearly 120 million Africans received $ 60 billion sent by 30 million Africans in the diaspora.

If this amount, higher than official development assistance ($ 56 billion in 2014) and foreign direct investment ($ 50 billion), justifies qualifying the African diaspora as a financial power, this diaspora is full of other decisive potentials in the development of Africa.

In this regard, we observe alongside African entrepreneurs in the diaspora that we legally support other essential but nevertheless underestimated qualities. In reality, this is a new generation of this diaspora that we call the African Diaspora of the Information Age. This generation is uninhibited, interconnected, interactive and a force of proposal.

An uninhibited generation

This generation no longer allows itself to be trapped in the complexes developed by the African diaspora over its long history and which result from slavery, racial segregation, colonization or the unfavorable economic and social conditions of black communities.

We can see this clearly, because it is no longer in the claim or affirmation of identity.

She understood that she is no longer in a compartmentalized world but rather in an interconnected digital world which offers a field of infinite possibilities which she seizes to propose disruptive solutions instead of being in the claim or in the wait-and-see attitude. . She gains respect that way and she knows it. It is also in achieving what makes sense, that is, what has social, economic and environmental impact.

An interconnected generation

It is an interconnected generation breaking free from social and geographic limitations. She is no longer in the exclusion of others because of her social, geographic, or even ethnic origins.

We are indeed observing from the young entrepreneurs whom we support that they seize the advantages of new information and communication technologies, platforms and social networks to create interconnections within the black world and with different parts of the world.

They understood the value of agility in time and space. Agility does not compartmentalize but allows us to change benchmarks and change paradigm. It is mobilizing and allows you to have an impact.

This is a generation that takes advantage of interconnections in a space as immense as the web world to interact with each other by sharing knowledge and developing their visibility. It can then mobilize significant resources necessary for the realization of the visions and values ​​that it carries and that it expresses in transnational initiatives.

Today, it has its place in the construction of the continent.

Until recent years, it seems to us that the African diaspora was mostly absent from initiatives for the development of Africa.

Today we are seeing a change in this area with a generation that is in creativity and innovation. It offers useful new solutions adapted to the context in which they are manifested on the African continent.

In fact, it is in a position to participate in the transformations of the course of Africa’s history and clearly appears as one of the keys to its challenges and to those of the world.

Today, it has its place in the construction of the continent, because it is an essential element of Africa’s transition towards inclusive development.

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