Mauritius tops the 2017 ranking of African countries in terms of mobile connectivity published by the World Association of Telecom Operators (GSMA). With a score of 62.7 points, this Indian Ocean island state ranks 76th globally in this ranking which measures the capacity of more than 150 countries to connect its citizens to mobile internet, and class according to a score ranging from 0 to 100.

The ranking is based on 4 key factors, namely the infrastructure (the facilities allowing access to the mobile internet), the prices (mobile devices and plans), the degree of predisposition of unconnected citizens to learn about ‘mobile internet (skills, cultural and political environment, etc.), as well as content (availability of services meeting the needs of a local population).

South Africa (84th globally) is second on the podium ahead of Tunisia (89th), Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Botswana, Namibia and Ghana. Angola closes African Top 10.

Guinea, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger come last in Africa and globally, with scores between 17 and 20/100. This is due to the severe lack and often the absence of infrastructure as well as prices that are difficult to afford for these populations. The number of citizens who are not connected and not predisposed to be naturally leads to the absence of suitable content.

Globally, Australia, Norway and New Zealand lead the league with scores over 85/100.

Ranking of 40 African countries in terms of mobile connectivity:

  1. Mauritius (7th globally)
  2. South Africa (84th)
  3. Tunisia (89th)
  4. Egypt (96th)
  5. Algeria (99th)
  6. Botswana (102nd)
  7. Namibia (103rd)
  8. Ghana (105th)
  9. Angola (109th)
  10. Gabon (113th)
  11. Swaziland (115th)
  12. Nigeria (116th)
  13. Kenya (117th)
  14. Lesotho (119th)
  15. Sudan (120th)
  16. Ethiopia (121st)
  17. Zimbabwe (123rd)
  18. Cameroon (124th)
  19. Congo (126th)
  20. Tanzania (127th)
  21. Rwanda (129th)
  22. Ivory Coast (130th)
  23. Senegal (131st)
  24. Zambia (132nd)
  25. Mozambique (133rd)
  26. Sierra Leone (134th)
  27. Gambia (135th)
  28. Mauritania (136th)
  29. Liberia (137th)
  30. Madagascar (138th)
  31. Uganda (139th)
  32. Benin (140th)
  33. Togo (141st)
  34. Mali (142nd)
  35. Burkina Faso (143rd)
  36. Malawi (144th)
  37. Guinea (147th)
  38. Chad (148th)
  39. DR Congo (149th)
  40. Niger (150th)

Source: Ecofin Agency

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