The ICTC inaugurated its new premises in Dakar on Thursday. The new building, an old state building renovated thanks to the building heritage department. It will allow the incubator to better carry out its mission: To supervise SMEs active in the field of ICT.

A victim of its own success, the CTIC, which has had to supervise nearly 90 SMEs in 6 years, quickly found itself cramped in its offices. To correct this problem, the incubator, with the help of its partners, has just acquired new premises.

“It was difficult to put everyone in the 7 offices we had and the largest of which was only 16m2 and we had no support for a non-profit organization” explained Regina Mbodj Director of CTIC in his speech.

The renovation of this building was made possible thanks to the partners who have always supported the CTIC. These include, among others, the Directorate of Built Heritage, Sonatel for a significant financial support amounting to 100 million FCFA, the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) for an amount of 100,000 Euros and from ADIE to name just a few.

Present at the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Director General of the PES operational and monitoring office, welcomed the good dynamism of the incubator since its launch

“In only 6 years since its creation CTIC has supervised nearly 90 SMEs excelling in the field of ICT, nearly 200 employers, nearly 4 billion FCFA in accumulated turnover” underlined the manager as if to say that he It was more than normal for the public authorities to support such dynamism.

This extension of CTIC will ultimately allow the number of incubated companies to be increased to 25 in addition to 50 accelerated companies. It marks a clear desire to strengthen digital development and, in a broader sense, to make Senegal a true hub for technology and innovation in West and Central Africa.

In the meantime, CTIC is already aiming to broaden its scope of intervention by opening regional incubators in the medium term to enable ICT project leaders outside Dakar to benefit from this support in the service of creativity.


Source: ReussirBusiness

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