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Meeting with Missinn AKLO, young Togolese from the diaspora founder and director of the luxury brand of cosmetic products “MISS IN PARIS”. In just 1 year, the brand is already present in Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Côte d´Ivoire, Senegal, Gabon and even in Europe. Miss In Paris has been successful because it aims to cleanse tasks, unify the complexion and moisturize black skin without ambition to depigment it.

The interview of Africa Young Entrepreneur with Missinn AKLO:

Introduce yourself, what is your background?

Mr. AKLO: My name is Missinn AKLO, a Togolese national born on May 20, 1985, I am Director of the company Miss In Paris Africa and Founding President of the cosmetic brand Miss In Paris. I have a professional profile with more than 8 years of experience notably in the field of the cosmetic market, in marketing and communication, in international trade and in business development. As a result, I offer advisory support for the promotion, creation and dissemination of brands with a modern image that reaches an identified target of consumers for increased popularity.

Before the creation of the Miss In Paris brand, I was the Director of an American group of a cosmetic line in New York. Through my international and particularly African network as well as my dynamic sales and marketing strategy, I have contributed to the realization of a gross sales turnover of more than 3 million US dollars per year.
My deep knowledge of the cosmetic market was acquired during my work for a Swiss Cosmetic company in Lausanne as Sales Director for Africa.
My greatest strengths today are creativity, leadership and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

What prompted you to undertake?

Mr. AKLO: The creation of the Miss In Paris brand materialized in 2015 but the idea of ​​its development emerged in 2014. I was then hired by an American group of a cosmetic line as Export Director . During a joint prospecting mission in Africa with our European partner, a discussion with customers revealed a concern of consumers towards cosmetic products for black skin seen as promoting the complexion clarifying and not respecting necessarily international health standards. From this discussion, the idea of ​​developing a product based on natural extracts emerged; this product would aim to cleanse the spots, to unify the complexion and to hydrate the black skin without ambition to depigment it.



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