Many Africans have contributed to the evolution of the world, providing innovative solutions to everyday problems.

8. Ayoumbaye Oumar or the pleasure of traveling in the desert

This native Chadian has developed an invention of great importance, especially for lovers of the desert. It is a mobile, energy-independent air conditioning system powered by solar and wind energy.


7. Ousmane Bâ, the man who revolutionizes cereal crops

The Senegalese Ousmane Bâ had an idea of genius. To make the cultivation of all types of cereals profitable, he designed a one-piece seed drill that can be adapted to motorized or animal traction. This multifunctional tool makes it possible to carry out a far-reaching culture. It saves time and energy.


6. Asmelash Zeferu, from the dream of flying to reality

From a very young age, this 35-year-old Ethiopian dreamed of flying. Rejected by the Ethiopian Airlines aviation school, he decided to build his own flying machine himself. And he did it by recycling all of the used materials that came to hand. Wood, metal and more. Even if the first attempted flight did not go well, Asmelash Zeferu is living proof that Africa has talented engineers. Well done, Ethiopian!


5. Pierre Djibril Coulibaly, computer engineering at the service of the world

Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, Professor Pierre Djibril Coulibaly has developed the first universal management software. Called Nexpro UBS, this tool can be used by companies in all sectors of activity, for automatic computerization of their data.


4. Leroy Mwasaru and the renewable energy revolution

Only 17 years old, Leroy Mwasaru understood that only renewable energy can ensure the survival of humanity for the times to come. He therefore set up a bioreactor with human excrement, capable of collecting organic waste and transforming it into energy.


3. Afate Kodjo Gnikou, the 3D printer serving Africa

It was at the 10th International Conference of the Network of Digital Manufacturing Laboratories organized in Spain that the world discovered the Togolese Afate Kodjo Gnikou. He won first prize for technological innovation thanks to his 3D printer. This is designed from the recycling of materials and electronic waste. This young Togolese is not at his first distinction.


2. Sam Kodo, the genius of low-cost computers in Africa

At 23, this young man, also from Togo, one of the smallest countries in West Africa, can be proud to belong to the class of the most famous African inventors of the decade. He is the inventor of the first low-cost computer in Africa. This initiative is part of a project to develop and facilitate access to education. For around 76 dollars, or less than 40,000 FCFA, you have a computer capable of connecting to the Internet or creating documents. A few years earlier, at the age of 19, he had designed a humanoid robot capable of communicating with humans.


1. Bertin Nahum and his incredible surgical robot

Of Beninese origin, born in Senegal, then immigrated to France from an early age, Bertin Nahum became interested in robotics from university, as his educational background indicates. He then developed a passion for medical engineering, hence his idea of ​​creating a robot that would assist surgeons in their various operations. Risky but won bet. In 2002, he founded Medtech. The first surgical robot he designed is called BRIGIT, specializing in assistance in knee surgery, bought a few years later by ZIMMER Inc, the giant of orthopedic surgery. Bertin Nahum then embarked on a larger project. The design of Rosa Brain, her first robot dedicated to neurosurgery. Advanced diseases like epilepsy, hydrocephalus, Parkinson’s disease are operated using this technology, invented by the Beninese Bertin Nahum. In all, the Rosa Brain robot has contributed to nearly 2,000 operations, all of them successful. No wonder Bertin Nahum is ranked 4th place among the most revolutionary entrepreneurs in the world.



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