According to a study published by the site Disrupt Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya lead the investments made, ahead of Ghana and Morocco.

In Africa, the financing of startups is still a paradoxical phenomenon. Thus, if in 2016 the number of funded startups increased significantly, according to a study published by the specialized site Disrupt Africa, the total amount of investments made in the continent has decreased.

In this context, one country is doing particularly well, Egypt (and its 160 million internet users), which has seen investments made on its territory rise by 105%.

Undoubtedly driven by the return to a certain political stability, Egyptian startups (like a startup like Vezeeta specializing in the medical field) managed to raise $ 9.7 million in 2016 against 4.7 million dollars the previous year.

Another point of attractiveness is Morocco, which attracted (notably through a fundraising campaign by the startup Beekast) nearly $ 3.4 million over the same period.

Finally, at its own level, Tunisia is also doing well with $ 500,000 gathered around projects such as Roamsmart (a cloud computing solution intended to save on the costs of roaming telephone communications), or even Expensya. .

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