The 2nd edition of the Economic and Entrepreneurial Forum for African Women in the Diaspora, which opened on Monday in Paris, ended this Wednesday in style with speakers at conferences still as relevant and a presentation of several awards to crown and encourage all those who work daily for the development of the African continent. Reportage.
In Paris,

Bursts of laughter here. Cheerful conversations over a drink during breaks between conferences. As soon as you enter, you are swept away by the warm atmosphere of the Forum. Pretty to the tips of their nails, some participants even proudly display their traditional clothes very colorful in basin or wax. It must be said that they came from everywhere: Switzerland, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Cameroon … to participate in the 2nd edition of the Economic and Entrepreneurial Forum of African Women in the Diaspora, which opened its doors on Monday in Paris, at the ENA. Initiated by the Organization of African Women in the Diaspora (OFAD), in partnership with the Club Africaines Entrepreneurs d ‘Europe, it brought together more than 400 participants and several dozen speakers.

The Forum, whose entry is free, with a buffet and drinks available to the public, aims to promote entrepreneurship and initiatives led by African women in the diaspora. It is also a way to allow women, who are already entrepreneurs or who have a structure in development, to speak to other participants to talk about their experience, explain what they do and promote services. offered by their company. “The aim of this Forum is to showcase African women, here it is a market, a mirror, a showcase for all women who are entrepreneurs, a means also of attracting investors who are ready to support them in their project, ”explains the elegant Corine Marteau, dressed in a green suit, flirtatious, coordinator of the Organization of African Women in the Diaspora (OFAD). “We are a bridge between Europe and Africa. We support, advise and reassure all those who have entrepreneurship projects. We unite all these women, ”she says in her calm voice.

“If the Africans decided to consume African Africa would be the first power in the world! “

The Forum also addresses many issues facing women in the diaspora but also on the continent. Among other things, a debate has been opened on these questions: Does the charter of professional equality for women and men signed by major European groups have an impact on their subsidiaries in Africa? Do European companies contribute to the professional development of women in Africa?

Since the opening of the Forum, the speakers, sometimes very atypical, have succeeded each other, each delivering their experience. This is the case of Fatou Sidibé, who came to present her developing company called E-Market, to allow the diaspora to more easily transfer essential products or products to their loved ones. It thus encourages Africans to consume African rather than always turning to others. “If the Africans decided to consume African products and work together, Africa would be the first economic power in the world! “, Asserts Fatou Sidibé during his intervention very applauded by the room. Her testimony moved the audience, since at the end of her speech, a participant, dressed in a bright red dress, stood up and spoke: “I discovered this Forum via Facebook. I have absolutely no regrets coming. It is very enriching I even already registered with the organization to become a permanent member. Because it is important that Africans learn to stick together and go in the same direction. ”

Marguerite Djouzo, 64, mother of four, with a very biting humor, regularly arousing laughter in the room, also caused a sensation, speaking of her association for the promotion and development of women and children, which she manages with few resources from Yaoundé.

It is with the awards ceremony to encourage those who undertake and work hard to enhance African women and contribute to the development of Africa that this 2nd edition ends. In her closing speech, the words of the president of AFOD, Suzanne Bellnoun, proudly wearing her traditional clothes in wax, did not seem to leave anyone indifferent: “When European women meet, they wonder how they can work together. On the other hand, when a European woman meets an African woman she says to him: “I will see how I can help you. No ! That’s enough ! African women do not want to be helped but to undertake and work in partnership ”.


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