Summer is coming, so are the colors. On the Afrikea site, they are available in wax, bogolan, kente fabrics, and no need to have a wedding or an occasion to wear these patterns. Today, you can even go to work with a wax blouse or skirt. Afrikrea is “the best way to buy African fashion,” says one of the creators of the Moulaye Tabouré site. The platform allows designers and craftspeople around the world to display their products on the site without worrying about the IT side. “When you’re a designer, you have other things to do,” he explains.

The story begins in 2013: “Originally it came from the mother of a friend who is a designer. She noticed that we kept asking her, but also her creative friends, to make a website “, recalls Moulaye Tabouré. The supply of African fashion designers is often scattered, and it is word of mouth that directs buyers to a designer. The two childhood friends Kadry Diallo and Moulaye Tabouré then became aware of the need and the stake and decided to get started. “We know that it is difficult for African artisans, because crafts in Africa are linked to tourism. It’s only when people come in that they buy. “ The idea is inspired by the Etsy platform, a marketplace specializing in “handmade”. With Afrikea, Africa is honored through fashion, jewelry, accessories, decoration, tailor-made and handmade. “We did it because someone had to do it and we thought we could do it,” concludes Moulaye Tabouré. We approve.

Afrikrea, what is it?

These are 13,000 different products on the theme of Africa brought together on one site. This is not the inspiration that the 500 creators of the site lack. Zulu necklaces from South Africa, wax skirts, phone cases, decorative items, choker necklaces, swimsuits. With Afrikrea, 24 countries are represented by creators and buyers. A great meeting around products of African inspiration.

afrikrea african fashion wax

Why do we believe in it?

The one-time commission for all creators of 9% is a great way to boost African craftsmanship, and for customers, buying a designer piece is finally becoming accessible. A section with nearly 5,000 designer products is available for less than € 40. And for those who fall in love with the site, there are payment facilities. From € 60, you can already pay in three installments.

Why are you going to like it?

This dress is superb but would you prefer a V neck rather than a round neck? No problem, contact the creator. Response time: on average, one day. All you have to do is describe the room of your dreams to him and he gets to work. At Afrikrea, there is an average of 10,000 conversations per month. It even happens that clients and designers end up having a drink together and even becoming friends. Yes, because 90% of designers are actually designers. Yet another reason to discover this site as quickly as possible.

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