AKEWA, Gabon’s benchmark SME growth accelerator specializing in digital, green business, cultural industries and social entrepreneurship, continues its mission of supporting innovative companies in rapidly expanding sectors such as e-marketing & monetization. Real source of development for BtoB companies, e-marketing has become essential, especially with the proliferation of new media (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Recognizing the growing needs of this sector and eager to be at the forefront of developments, AKEWA ACCELERATEUR, in partnership with communications agency O’KR Consulting and Eliora Group, facilitated a training seminar for several leaders promising start-ups.

For some time in Gabon, online services have been popularized, including the creation of a large number of media pages and websites dedicated to the sale of products and services. “It is therefore aware of the opportunities offered by the internet today, that our Accelerator has made the strategic choice to talk to young startups about the issues of Webmarketing, how to integrate it into its strategy so to optimize its turnover “explained Mr. Meschac Monsia, CEO of Eliora Group.

During the seminar, the facilitators in turn addressed relevant topics that aroused the interest of the participants. Indeed, at first, it was to present to the heads of start-up, the various communication channels to undertake in the ICT sector, not without having introduced the webmarketing while presenting its various issues. Thus, for Mrs. Olivia KIKI, CEO of the strategic communication agency OKR Consulting and trainer during the seminar: “the interest of our communication is to demonstrate to these carriers of innovative projects, that there There is no real difference between classic marketing and what is now called E-marketing. Indeed, e-marketing is nothing more than the application of the general principles of online marketing; we must remember here that the implementation approach remains the same as that of so-called traditional marketing. ”

Among other things, the seminar addressed the issue of how to sell effectively via the Internet and what channels are needed to propel one’s business; following their reflections, the communicators and the speakers agreed that in order to succeed in today’s business, first and foremost, it will be necessary, at first, to better understand and appropriate the techniques of technology. e-marketing and what it represents. In a second step, define an operational action plan for its webmarketing strategy.

However, Mr. Fabrice NTCHANGO General Manager of the Accelerator AKEWA, a support structure and growth acceleration for SMEs. “Webmarketing is a trend that continues to evolve with the emergence of new means of communication. For years now, AKEWA ACCELERATEUR has been following start-ups that have been able to stand out in the digital sector in Gabon. We are proud to have seen the emergence of actors like Iboundji Technologie that we followed from 2015, or to support, more recently, young startups like E-boga Digital Lab’s or Medical Africa Survival. These startups meet the needs of this ever-changing market by addressing issues of SEO, customer acquisition, loyalty and / or mobility. He explains.

Mr. Alban MIGUELY, expert in computer intelligence did not hesitate to explain to the participants the notion of BIG DATA by presenting the economic stakes of this gold mine still untapped at GABON. He did not fail to display several artificial intelligence strategies and to present the participants with examples of success thanks to e-marketing, by insisting notably on the presentation of the various tools that allow to sell with efficiency on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The AKEWA Accelerator plans to multiply the seminars in order to reach a large number of entrepreneurs whose objective would be to equip them with the necessary tools to develop their activities. For the participants, this seminar was the way to have at their kit the tools and techniques of sales and strategies applied to the online service.

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