Cameroon – Creative industry: Kiro’o Games opens its capital

Boubacar Diallo

The well-known startup in Central Africa and around the world, Kiro’o Game, has decided to open its capital for the development of the mentoring platform, Rebuntu.

Starting April 5th, the Kiro’o Games’ notebook will be open to the general public, to all those who want to invest in the creative industry. We know that the platform of Kiro’o Games is already quite full thanks to Aurion, since the first PC game of African-Fantasy. That this platform of mentoring (Rebuntu), the online comic book, is a pretty attractive and very captivating mobile game about the civil servants being developed in our countries.

This important decision of the staff of Kiro’o Games has been taken since March 11th. According to the founders, the share price is 0.2 USD (110 FCFA) and the investment starts from 500 USD minimum (275 000 FCFA) for 2500 shares. “Our valuation has tripled between 2013 and 2018 and it allows our first investors to see an exit in the current round at 2X. By 2025, our valuation will be multiplied by 7x in view of our future objectives and prospects, “says Olivier Madiba, CEO of Kiro’o Games who no longer intends to sleep on the success already garnered.

Kiro’o Games Communications Manager, Fankam William, said, “To date, nearly 230 people have shown interest in investing, while in 2013, during our first round of fundraising, we needed 10 months to reach as many potential shareholders. This is proof that the general public is very interested in the activities of Kiro’o Games. The opportunity is open to all countries, all nationalities and all persons having legal activity and non-confrontational relations with the Cameroonian nation “.

This is a good opportunity for African television channels to make way with an application from Africa. It is for Olivier Madiba and the Africans to innovate masterfully in the digital economy. For, if today the digital economy seems to be expanding in Cameroon, it should attract more investors.

It is important to point out that there are certainly many start-ups emerging, and we realize that more and more they are interested in entrepreneurship. In our African countries, the digital economy should be a priority for many investors and companies who want to show their strength. Olivier Madiba, through the opening of the capital of Kiro’o Games, wants to show that everyone should turn to the creation of wealth, and that this treasure is important for African countries.


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