Founded by 40-year-old Cameroonian Angoula Boniface, Camerubuntu is a startup that wants to make it easier for Africans to access computer tools. Camerubuntu offers a set of projects and open source software adapted to Africa, its mission is to promote the development and use of these software.


Introduce yourself and your journey (briefly)
My name is Angoula Boniface, I am Cameroonian. After a short career as a teacher in mathematics and physics, I decided to reorient myself, so I resumed my studies and passed the diploma Ingenieur in microcomputing and networks at the school IAI Cameroon. I am the founder of Camerubuntu.


What is your project and its mission?
The project is called Camerubuntu which is actually a set of projects and
open source software adapted to Africa, its mission is to promote the development and use of these software.
Indeed, a large part of the population in Africa does not have access to certain software because of the high purchase price for their stock market. It becomes impossible for people to do office automation, programming, video montages or have antivirus. Camerubuntu’s mission is to enable all these populations to achieve their goals. This operation involves the use of free, free and open source versions of this type of software, such as camerubuntu which is an operating system based on ubuntu
having fundamental software integrated in the field of office automation, multimedia, programming, internet, and many others. On top of that you do not have
no need for an antivirus because it is no longer necessary.


How did you get the idea to start your business?
This idea is part of a report on capital flight on the continent
in the field of computing, including the purchase of proprietary software that is expensive for Africa and the use of pirated versions of such software. Indeed, one of the dominant ideas in the start-up Camerubuntu is that the use of free and open source software will develop Africa. Therefore, if governments or companies turn to open source, this will retain capital in the continent, and contribute to its development since these currencies will boost local economies.


What is the problem resolved by Camerubuntu?
The start-up Camerubuntu offers solutions on the economic and
computer. As we said before, we are seeing in Africa an outflow of capital and foreign exchange due to the purchase of proprietary software by certain players such as companies, public administrations and even private individuals. This outflow of capital sometimes amounts to millions of euros, which is why the start-up
Camerubuntu’s mission is to solve this problem by encouraging
actors to use free software which is a great opportunity for our countries. These free software will keep all this money to develop the continent. This goes through their popularization and development.
Among these software programs, we have already mentioned Camerubuntu, which is an Ubuntu system with integrated software. Indeed, in some areas where there are difficulties in accessing the internet, the Camerubuntu system is the solution because all the basic software is already installed and ready to use. Without being an expert, you can install cybercafe servers in no time at all.
Camerubuntu-hotspot, telephony servers such as Camerubuntu-phone or e-mail servers like Camerubuntu-zimbra, and you’ll never have virus problems again.
In addition to this work we have the Camertontine software which is a free tontine management software in Africa. Among other things, we have put online a free download platform for official exams in Cameroon, called SUJETEXA and a dozen educational Android apps downloadable on SUJETEXA.


Can you introduce us to your team?

Our team is composed of 4 Cameroonian computer scientists:
-Mr Boniface Marie Angoula who is a computer engineer
-Mr Edward Bekomo Akoa, computer engineer and graduate in economics
-Mr Jean Marie Mbezele, computer engineer
-Mr Moĩse Alexis Cyrille Touk, doctoral student in economics


What are the next steps ?
Camerubuntu will continue to develop, popularize and promote software
Cameroon and the rest of Africa to make ICTs accessible to all.
For this, all the energies of the company will be directed towards the development of software adapted to African realities, this is what was done with Camertontine, for example, which is a free software for managing tontines, a first version of which has been published on Internet.

Other versions of this software are under development as well as open source software and store management software projects. In addition to this, the Camerubuntu versions will continue to be published and other projects related to
education are in the process of reflection and development.


Do you have a fundraiser currently underway?
Yes we currently have an ongoing fundraiser to expand the facilities to develop applications and promote software
free, for the moment it remains mostly at the family level because in Cameroon it is very difficult to convince especially when you talk about science and technology to people, our goal if we ever had some connections at the international level is the extend outside Cameroon our coming from elsewhere to you for a publication argues in this direction, to give you an example the young Cameroonian Arthur Zang, creator of the cardiopad was slammed the door in the face by all the banks and major telephone companies in Cameroon despite having not only the business plan but also a prototype of the cardiopad until he had the idea to seek help from the head of state.


What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?
To achieve its objectives, Camerubuntu needs sponsors and internal or external financial support in order to increase and modernize its technical facilities.

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