The Cameroonian start-up Will & Brothers has just succeeded in raising funding in the amount of 200,000 dollars (around 124 million CFA francs), at the end of a fundraising operation whose initial needs were 300,000. dollars (a little over 185 million CFA francs), we officially learned. Details of this operation have not been disclosed.

However, according to William Elong (photo), promoter of this start-up specializing in economic intelligence and technological innovation, the funds thus raised will make it possible to implement a drone production project in Cameroon. To do this, we find out, Will & Brothers, which has moved into new premises in the economic capital of Cameroon, has recruited staff; its workforce increased from “four to 22 people of four nationalities spread over two continents.”

“Too often, young people have launched ideas, created a buzz and are missing. We want to inspire and motivate other young people by telling them that we have not given up on anything. The end of the tunnel is near and we intend to put our country on the map of drone manufacturers in the world, ”says William Elong, who aims to complete his new project“ as soon as possible ”.

As a reminder, Will & Brothers has developed the DroneAfrica application which makes it possible to offer the very “first civilian drone service” in Cameroon. Thanks to this application, a drone equipped with a miniaturized camera can be piloted remotely, in order to capture unprecedented images over very wide ranges.

According to its promoter, well beyond the sensation of entertainment that it seems to provide at first glance, the DroneAfrica concept is revolutionizing many things. This is the case with the promotion of tourism, in particular by taking original images; the realization at reduced costs, of maps on mining and urban development projects; more effective coverage of major events such as fairs, cultural events or football tournaments; the collection of images in disaster areas or simply difficult to access, etc.

This discovery has earned the young Wiliam Elong, 24, to appear in 7th position in the top 30 of the most promising young African entrepreneurs in 2016, ranking published by the famous American magazine Forbes. The youngest graduate of the Paris Economic War School at the age of 20, this Cameroonian genius was the first and one of the two nationals of Central Africa (with the Gabonese Mark Doumba, co-founder of Clikafrik Group) in this ranking largely dominated by Kenyans, South Africans and Ghanaians.

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