Entrepreneurship: Brazzaville wants to set the tone for the integration of national strategies in the Cémac zone

Boubacar Diallo

Initiative of the Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Handicrafts, Yvonne Adélaïde Mougany who proposed it during the Libreville forum, the future organization of this meeting will aim to discuss the future of multilateral trade negotiations (Doha Round), prelude to the meeting of the World Trade Organization scheduled in Kenya.

Taking into account Libreville’s recommendations, representatives of the states, the private sector and civil society in the United States and Africa intend to work together to implement them. Also, in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered by AGOA 2, it was selected the development by each country, then at the level of regional economic communities (Cemac, Ceeac, Uemoa, Sadc), integrated strategies in national development plans and regional economic programs.

Likewise, a special program for female entrepreneurship has been advocated under the name of African women’s entrepreneurish program (AWEP). Indeed, organized under the theme: “AGOA 15 years later, sustainability of the sustainable partnership between the USA and Africa in terms of trade and investment”, the Libreville conference aimed at setting up a system preferences, to support trade and the economies of thirty-nine sub-Saharan states including the Republic of Congo. The objective is to facilitate these countries access to the American market, according to the principles of a market economy, good governance and respect for human rights.

The main pillar of economic and commercial cooperation between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa, the AGOA law promulgated by the American Congress in May 2000, under the aegis of President Bill Cliton, benefits from a ten-year extension after adoption, in June 2015 by the American Congress, of AGOA.

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