Guinea: 25 young unemployed graduates at the school of social entrepreneurship

Boubacar Diallo

The conference for social entrepreneurship of young people was launched on Monday September 28, 2015 in Fabik, Kondeya sub-prefecture of Samaya located 35 kilometers from the urban commune, it was found on the spot. It is organized by the Oser Inover structure in collaboration with the Guinean association for the development of private entrepreneurship.

The aim is to introduce young people to the concepts of social entrepreneurship in order to transform social problems into a real business opportunity.

It brings together 25 young Guinean graduates without jobs, all from different horizons of the country, and will extend over 7 days. During this conference, the participants, made up of young girls and young boys, will focus on around twenty themes including, among others: creativity, innovation, teamwork, the initiation process, the establishment of ‘an idea, the evaluation of a social entrepreneurship project, the technical and financial feasibility and how to set up a project.

DSC01244                                                             Wiatta Thomas founder founder explains: “the development of a country necessarily passes by its youth, but not just any, there must be in Africa a dynamic, strong youth, conscious for the future of this Africa which does not lack of nothing, if it is very well supervised ”.


“The African youth must be creative, innovative and that they continue to redouble their ardor while having confidence in them in order to persevere in the different activities that they will take on,” said El hadj Mamadou Diallo, coordinator of the Oser Inover structure.

Note that these kinds of initiatives related to youth training are to be encouraged, say observers.

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