The Senegalese education system encourages employment through wage labor. However, this trend seems to be changing in recent years. Despite the growing number of people looking to freelance, few are taking the plunge. Is it for fear of losing a stable job or for lack of information? Here are some answers to start your freelance activity in Senegal.

What are your motivations for starting a freelance?

Before embarking headlong on an adventure that is likely to come to an end, it is imperative that you take the time to consider your reasons for pursuing the freelance profession.

While this is an exciting adventure, the fact remains that you will face some challenges. In these moments of doubt, only your motivations will succeed in making you overcome the obstacles that will arise.

Contrary to popular belief, the freelance profession does not only have advantages. Think about it beforehand.

Focus on a growth sector

The choice of industry is important. Three parameters must be taken into consideration: your skills, the estimated profitability of your future activity and your passion.

You should therefore take a step back to analyze your professional capacities. This analysis makes it possible to identify the sector of activity in which you will bring added value. It is better to focus on an activity that includes few experts.

What legal status to favor?

By launching your freelance activity, you become self-employed. Carrying out a freelance activity involves setting up a business. Indeed, the name as well as the identifier (NINEA: national identification number of companies and associations) of the company must be mentioned on each of the invoices issued.

The status of “sole proprietorship” is interesting in more ways than one. Freelance status entails eligibility for the various incentive schemes established in Senegal. These allow you to benefit from tax, social, customs and economic advantages.

Promote it to find customers

The most effective way to find new clients is to connect with people who know your professional skills, and only by doing so can the virtuous circle begin.

The first customers make it possible to position themselves as an expert and to establish their credibility. It is therefore essential to obtain recommendations from them. Besides the professional circle and word of mouth, the Internet is an excellent way to make yourself known.

To present its achievements and interact with its customers, the creation of a website is essential. By relying on the writing of a blog, the freelancer can position himself as a reference in a specific niche market. By contributing on specialized social media, the freelancer expands his personal network.

Building and developing your personal network contributes to the professional development of the freelance. Participation in seminars or thematic evenings, such as those organized by Dakar Networking or CTIC, makes it possible to share experiences, provoke new meetings, etc. In addition, by exchanging with professionals on subjects specific to their activity, the freelancer makes himself known as a professional with in-depth expertise. This is the most effective form of self-promotion!

Just like any professional, a self-employed person must constantly improve their knowledge. Before taking any steps, it is essential to assess your ability to work independently while demonstrating versatility.

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