An offer is a business proposal made to a customer or a set of customers by a salesperson or a company.

The technical and financial offer is a formal offer made to a prospect. It must meet the needs formulated by the client, taking into account the context, the client’s situation, the constraints in terms of costs, deadlines and quality. Although written by a business engineer, it involves several other actors. The presentation of a technical and financial offer may come in response to a call for tenders or be the subject of a spontaneous proposal by the seller.

The technical and financial offer is made up of a technical offer and a financial offer.

In the case of calls for tenders

The call for tenders is a procedure allowing a sponsor to find the company most able to carry out a provision of goods or services, to carry out work via “the competition” of several. The sponsor is also called the contracting authority and the company also named the bidder will take the name of supplier once its application has been validated.

The technical and financial offer must meet the requirements of the specifications. The specifications are a document presenting with precision the administrative, financial and technical needs of the sponsor.

The technical and financial offer must therefore offer solutions for

  • meet the sponsor’s need (product, service);
  • present the main functionalities and expected uses for the service or product;
  • state the specific constraints of the project management, and present the requirements (especially engineering) if there are any.

It must also respect the selection criteria (according to the client’s perspective) which are based on the cost, the client will always choose the “best value”, that is to say the one offering the best value. price quality ; the language specified by the contracting authority; the support measures which include the human resources made available to the client during the execution of the service or the use of the product as well as an after-sales service adapted to the coverage of the geographical area concerned by the offer. It must be drafted according to the methodology specific to the sector of activity concerned and comply with the “good practices” of the profession. The term “Good practices” refers to all the behaviors that have reached consensus and considered essential by most professionals in a specific field.

The financial offer represents the amount of the contract proposed by a participant in a call for tenders. This is done through a document called an act of engagement. The technical offer is made up of technical elements only. The latter is presented in the form of a technical brief or a methodological note requested by the buyer or client and produced by the tenderer. This thesis includes the description of the means that will be implemented to perform the service, the composition of the executing team (with or without the description of the profiles of its members), the methodology that will be used, the products and the materials that will be proposed. Its content is specific to each market.

It is essential for the tenderer to ensure that each element mentioned in the specifications is satisfied, that the costs are as reasonable and realistic as possible (respect for the quality / price ratio), that the deadlines and dates, the methodology and all specifications and specificities stated by the sponsor are met. This is essential if he wants his offer to be convincing.

In the case of a spontaneous proposal

A spontaneous proposal is a possibility of offering a service or a product in order to meet a need not yet identified by the potential customer. The technical and financial offer in this case generally presents the same requirements as the case of a call for tenders but with the specificities specific to the sector of activity, to the status of the client (company, government, organizations or organization) and the laws and regulations in force in the country.

Some outline for drafting the technical offer

  • The cover letter aimed at gaining the client’s trust and highlighting the strengths of the submission must be brief, precise and concise about the product or service offered, written on letterhead and signed by the highest authority.
  • The title page which contains the information of the company of the bidder and the address of the customer.
  • The presentation of the plan of the technical proposal: there is the letter of submission of the technical proposal, and all relevant information such as the

suggestions and remarks of the bidder on the activities to be carried out, the references of the dedicated team, the plan and working methods, guarantees, general information on the tenderer and back-planning.

Writing the financial proposal

The financial proposal must be presented in the form of standard tables, showing all the costs (ranging from product prices or the cost of the service to the remuneration of the staff who will intervene). The plan of the financial proposal is made up of the letter of submission (which presents the total amount in figures and letters), the summary of costs according to the various components mentioned, with taxes and amounts excluding taxes, the method of payment and the deadlines.

The success of the technical and financial proposal is based on a good assessment of the customer’s need, and the formulation of the most suitable solution while respecting deadlines, costs and potential customer satisfaction.

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