In 2014 Chris Kwekowe graduated in Computer Science in Lagos, Nigeria. He is just 21 years old. This talented young African, full of ambition, is attracting the attention of big companies. Convinced of the skills of the computer scientist, Microsoft made him a job offer that Chris refused to everyone’s surprise.

Indeed, Chris’s ambition is to create his own business. He has a bigger vision than just becoming an employee.

chris kwekowe

This young entrepreneur created his start-up Slatecube in October 2014 with his brother Emerald as a partner.

Their company Slatecube is set up to help young Nigerians in their search for employment. He wants to find a solution for these young people because in his country at least 45% of new graduates are unemployed because of professional incompetence.

On the platform, job seekers have the possibility to take distance learning courses allowing them to obtain certificates in several disciplines. Then, upon validation of their training, they can complete online internships. They are given the opportunity to work remotely for a company. If their internship is successful, they get a full-time job.

SlateCube achieved an 80% employment rate among its users, and reports that companies were able to save more than $ 100,000 in 2015 by recruiting an experienced workforce through its services.

Chris Kwekowe was able to meet Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft in August 2016 during a TV show. Chris didn’t hesitate to tell him in his face how he turned down a job offer at his company to start his own start-up.


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